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Here you'll be able to find my brief notes on computer/linux things I'm currently doing, and if I had any troubles, details about how they were overcome.

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Retrieving via POST and parsing webpage contents in PHP

Today I had set myself to the task of retrieving a page's contents via POST (where I had to submit some form parameters), and then extracting some pieces of information from the HTML so I could return it in an XML webservice.

Surprisingly, thanks to the library pecl_http and PHP's DOM parsing classes, this can result in a very simple, straightforward script. So if you are looking to do something similar, take a look at my script below for a headstart (which I think serves as a readable example):

// Get page contents
$fields = array(
    'param1' => 'foo',
    'param2' => 2,
$html = http_post_fields('', $fields);
 // Create DOM object
$doc = new DOMDocument();
$doc->preserveWhiteSpace = false;
$doc->resolveExternals = true;
 // Retrieve the TRs in question
$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);
$rows = $xpath->query("//table [@class = 'important_class']/tr");

// Create XML
$xml = '<xml>';
foreach ($rows as $row) {
	$td = $row->firstChild;
	$xml .= '
$xml .= '</xml>';
header('Content-type: text/xml');
echo $xml;