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Here you'll be able to find my brief notes on computer/linux things I'm currently doing, and if I had any troubles, details about how they were overcome.

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C0mput3rz & T3chno1ogy

Android emulator window too large to resize in Mac OS X

Speaking of silly problems, have you ever found that in Mac OS X you have a window that's too large to get to the bottom right corner in order to resize it? This is the case with the android emulator on a 13" Macbook Pro, with 1280x800 resolution, which makes it so some parts of the emulator screen actually extend below the display. Usually this is fixable by clicking the green "maximize" button, but in the case of the android emulator (and probably some other programs), this is disabled.

The solution (thanks to Jeff Shaw for making me aware of this), is to set special command line options to the emulator to set the emulator window to 60% size.

  1. Open your Run/Debug Configurations, and go to the Target tab.
  2. Scroll down to the field Additional emulator Command Line Options and add -scale 0.6 as the value
  3. That's it! Save your options and when you restart the emulator it should now be reasonably sized :)

Old method (before Jeff's excellent advice): Open up a terminal and type:

telnet localhost 5554
window scale 0.8

Did you know that in most linux window managers, you can resize a window by holding alt and clicking and dragging the middle mouse button from anywhere on the window itself? Come on Apple, gotta keep up.